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Nestled in the heart of Texas, indwells WonderFulls. A dessert company that believes every moment of life should be full of something wonderful. It is a philosophy WonderFulls takes to heart and why we bake up the freshest, sweetest, most delectable handmade cookies this great state has ever tasted.

Ashley is the mastermind behind WonderFulls. 

Ashley fully immersed herself into baking after the loss of her beloved grandmother, Nanny. Initially, this kept her mind off her loss. In time, each cookie she made became a challenge to top her own work. Soon a true love for baking ensued. 

Friends and family immediately recognized how exceptional her 

desserts were and encouraged her to sell them. But instead, she continued to bake solely for the love of baking.

Then, soon after her second daughter was born, Ashley needed to buy her baby a new crib, a rocking chair, and all the things that come with newborns. For her, creating and selling her cookies was her answer. With this new inspiration and lots of hard work and family support, WonderFulls was born.

Ashley and her customers know WonderFulls is what she was meant to do—sharing her passion for baking cookies and desserts with the world. She wants each order of her delectables to be as big a gift to her customers as they are to her.

Ashley Prince
2017 WonderFulls History


WonderFulls was born on a wing and a prayer. With the full support of good friends and loving family, orders came rushing in. Customers saw there was something different about these incredible cookies.



WonderFulls built traction by word of mouth. It didn't take long for large corporations to begin buying Ashley's WonderFulls products. Free samples turned into large orders.

2022 Here and Now


Building a brand is not something simple. It takes a lot of work, persistence, and creativity. All the things WonderFulls is known for. This year has been an adventure in expanding and dreaming big for things to come.



Every bite is a WonderFulls work of art. Personalized, Beautiful, and Delicious.

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